4 Tablespoons Of : Lunch Date : Sushi Edition.

Last week Mister and I had the chance to indulge in a delicious lunch date after school. We made our way to city centre here in Houston and stopped by RA Sushi. Ra Sushi is a Japanese fusion cuisine restaurant with a grand selection of sushi and other delicious entrees. The amount of items they have listed in their menu is sure to please pretty much anyone who stops by. Gabe loved the edamame dip with wonton chips. I had the vegetable tempura roll and i cannot wait to go back for more. Pure deliciousness.

4 Tablespoons Of : School Days with Mister.

A few random photos of what captures my attention on a school day with mister. Lately i've been so thankful that we both get the opportunity to attend the same University and see a bit of each other in between classes. I will remember these little moments forever.
P.S: How cool are Gabes socks? I'm trying to convince him to start a cool sock collection. Hopefully i can make that happen.