4 Tablespoons Of : Eisley

Attending my very first Eisley concert has definitely been the best moment of this month (Maybe even this year? ) HANDS. DOWN.
I've been a fan of Eisley's amazingly beautiful music for a very very long time and having had the chance to see and hear them live still seems so unreal to me! From Room Noises, to their now new Album Currents, their music continues to have so much meaning to me. The Dupree's can do no wrong. Period. Merriment was the opening act and I was lucky to have my fearless older sister go up to their merch table after the show to get a signed copy of their new album "Sway" for me as an early Birthday present. Still fangirling about this special night.
If you haven't already heard any Eisley or Merriment songs, I suggest you go take a listen now! 
Happy Soon To Be Monday!


4 Tablespoons of : 365 Project [ Week 1 ]

Happy New Year! I sure am glad to be able to enjoy another beautiful year.
As far as resolutions go, this year i have made one that i think will be pretty easy to keep. As busy as life can get with every day living it is so easy to forget to keep up with the creative part of ourselves. This year, I plan to work harder on balancing my school, work, and social life to make more time for my creative projects. With this goal in mind, I decided to take part in the 365 Project, and with the first week down, I couldn't be any more excited to continue and see how much better each shot gets as the months pass by. Here are the photos for week One. Happy Sunday everyone! And may your week be a great one!